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Мое эссе
Дата: 27.02.2012

За два выхдных дня я успела написать эссе для конурса. Это увлекательная и трудоемкая работа.Можете поближе познакомиться с моим эссе.

To Teach Means to Touch Hearts Forever

A teacher takes a hand…

opens a mind…

and touches a heart…


The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains.

The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

William Arthur Ward.


    A teacher is a key figure in our education. Teachers come first to your mind when you think about school years. It’s noticeable that teacher’s job is one of the most honorable in the world. Teachers share their knowledge and experience with children. They go to school every day to help pupils to become individuals. I am convinced that only sensitive teachers can do this well, because every child wants to be heard and understood and only then taught.   

       As for me I am a lucky person. I am a teacher. My job is very interesting and fascinating. You will ask why? I enjoy this job so much and my happiness reaches its utmost degree when I deliver a lesson and I feel it results in a great effect on my students. I feel that I open the windows for them and lower walls in their realm of education. Somewhere, in the secret corner of each child’s heart, there is a streak. It sounds in its own way and a teacher must tune into a tone of this streak to be heard and understood by his pupils.  Only a good teacher can do it.

     First of all let us try to understand what does it mean to be a good teacher? A good teacher is the one who wakes up pupils’ wish to study, the one who is capable of lighting interest in his subject, aspiring to make learning process interesting and creative. Positive or negative influence of the teacher can play a big role in the further life of the child. In other words, to teach means to touch pupils’ hearts forever. I would like to give an example from my life. Once many years ago when I was a teenager I met an old man whose teacher in Russian and Literature was my grandmother. I was surprised that he a grey-haired man remembered his first teacher with respect and love till then.

      Sometimes to keep children’s attention during a lesson, a teacher should be a real actor on the small scene at the blackboard. And he should accept the fact that every child is a unique person with his own temperament, character and abilities.

     I love English and enjoy preparing for the lessons; I like to find new methods and to introduce new technologies. Use of computers and IT is like a new stream in teaching of English language and I apply them often at the lessons. But I love my pupils, too. I rejoice, when they come to my lessons with interest but it is important for me that I go to the lesson with pleasure and wait for them, too. I try to do all my best for them with the aim they will know not only English grammar bases, the culture of English-speaking countries, but they  will show  their  talents, feel themselves confident and free-thinking. My pupils teach me a lot to. Working with children, I learn their spontaneity and openness, their ability to perceive the world kind and light.

     I am absolutely assured; children’s love and trust can’t be won, having armed only with modern technologies. Hard work of our souls is necessary. The main thing is to learn to appreciate and see in each child his unique individuality, to manage to provide a freedom of expression of his personality and to understand that the child is a person with own ideas about the world and his place in it, with own purposes and feelings. We should support them and care for them. And only then our children will respond with love and only then teachers can touch pupils’ hearts forever. Phillip Schlechty……. said “Students are volunteers, whether we want to be them or not. Their attendance can be commanded, but their attention must be earned. Their compliance can be insisted on, but their commitment is under their own control”.

      They say “all the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today”. Pupils’ knowledge is like a garden; every teacher puts his own seed and looks after, raises it throughout the years, until the beautiful flower will grow. Only joint efforts of all teachers make possible to grow up the beautiful, well-kept garden which fruits the man will use throughout all his life. A teacher sees tomorrow in a child’s eyes.

                                                            Nadezda Fedorova,

                                                             Yuskasinskaya Secondary school

                                                             Morgaushski district



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